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FDA Opens Comments on Regulations of Flavors in Tobacco Products

FDA Opens Comments on Regulations of Flavors in Tobacco Products

How Could New Regulations Affect Vaping?

On March 21st the FDA opened comments on Regulations of Flavors in Tobacco Products, meaning they are providing citizens the opportunity to let them know their thoughts on the this issue. This specifically includes electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), which encompases all vaping products. In the past the the issue of flavors in regulated products such as cigarettes and alcohol has been a hot topic in the public forum. The FDA call for comments mentions several aspects of the issue, including the role flavors have on youth use of tobacco products and the role they...

What does Philip Morris Mean for the Vaping Industry?

Philip Morris International is going cold turkey in the UK.

Recently, the tobacco giant Philip Morris International announced that it wanted to stop selling cigarettes in Britain starting in 2018, and instead focus on the sale of their various electronic nicotine delivery systems. This is obviously a massive shift for a company that has been selling tobacco products for 118 years. The natural questions are why are they doing this, what products does Philip Morris intend to use as a replacement, and what does it mean for customers and smaller businesses already in the vaping industry?


First of all,...